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Earning the names is always the biggest achievement for any business. The NineHertz takes pride in carving these prestigious names as its client base. They trusted us as their choice for custom software developers and we matched the software product with their expectations.

Software Development Services We Offer


Custom Software Development

In a highly volatile and competitive landscape, we recognize the particular needs of our business, analyze their target audience, understand the nature of their business, and tailor long-term customized software.

Software consulting services

Turning ideas into digital reality, we analyze the client’s needs and vision to suggest the best technologies to foster the software. Our consultation holds the client’s back before, during, and after the project.

Enterprise Software Development

As a leading software development company, The NineHertz is committed to driving automation in enterprises. Our enterprise custom software application development services helps foster streamlined collaboration and business process.

Software Integration Services

Integrating novel software into existing business is a great practice to encourage productivity. We handle all challenges from designing to testing and execution during the integration lifecycle very effectively.

Custom CRM Development Services

Imparting strong customer relationships is a hard stone to turn and we make it possible with custom CRM software development services. Drive efficiency in the business process with digitized software solutions.

Software Product Development Services

Building the software from scratch and adding each functionality according to the client’s requirements is one of our core competencies. From market research to post-maintenance, we cover it all.

Our Custom Software Development Process


Perfection requires planning. Utilizing the right project management methodology, we carry out each step of software development with the utmost performance outcome.

Step 01

The project analysis phase, where the complete study of requirements, target audience, competition, and market conditions is conducted. The first step is dedicated to thorough communication between both parties.

Step 02

The design of the software is carried out to prepare an MVP. This phase is solely dedicated to gathering feedback from relevant stakeholders. The project owner seeks changes in any part of the software by learning through prototypes.

Step 03

Front-end and back-end development are core practices of phase 3. Tasks like API integration, and third-party integration instills the functionalities into software.

Step 04

Here comes the testing time when the software undergoes several performance and speed tests. Before deploying the product on the system, it is ensured that any bug or error doesn’t affect the user experience.

Step 05

Post-maintenance support is crucial for the streamlined functioning of the software. Our developers provide timely updates in features and remove the errors as recognized with time.



We foster collaboration between software development and software operations teams to distribute the responsibility and leverage the best outcome as our software product. DevOps enables different teams to impart their role to eliminate the chances of errors.



When working on large projects, Agile allows us to break down the complete lifecycle into several sprints. The team moves toward the next sprint only when the previous one has been completed with utmost perfection. Moreover, each phase is reevaluated several times for improvement.



Adhering to the pillars of the scrum model i.e. transparency, inspections, and adaptation, The NineHertz put this model to work when dealing with complex software development service projects. Scrum suggests knowledge transfer on a daily basis by holding meetings with stakeholders.



Waterfall is a strict project management methodology that only allows the team to move to the next phase after achieving the expected results in the previous phase. We use waterfall when the client has clearly established a goal for his project.

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Our Industrial Exposure in Software Development Services


The NineHertz team of software developers works round the clock to build customized software. Our dedication has assisted us in exploring multiple industries with our digital projects.

Healthcare software development

We build custom healthcare software for mobile and clinic appliances to encourage efficiency and streamline the tasks at medical care centers and institutions. We cover varieties like EHR/EMR, telemedicine software, e-prescription, HIS software, pharmacy management, IoT, and wearable software development.

Banking software development

Our custom software application development services help our fintech clients to tackle increased complications in the sector. Be it card management software, loan servicing software, or anything else, The NineHertz covers it all.

Real estate app development

Smart software to embolden the sales of real estate agencies. Our innovative CRM and ERP software helps manage sales leads, enhance client engagement, drive better sales data tracking, and optimize the service offerings for prospects.

Travel software development

The travel software that brings the transportation, hotel, restaurant, and ticket booking businesses to the online landscape. These digital products enable contactless hospitality solutions, mobile kiosks, mobile accommodation applications, and much more with one click.

E-commerce and Retail

Bring the retail business online to confront a larger audience base. Retail software solutions assist in offering products to customers with a digital interface. Also, the store owners can streamline transaction processes, track inventory supply, and generate electronic bills in no time.

On-demand software development

Share your idea of a digital product and turn it into a live reality with the best software development service provider. Build a customized solution from scratch according to the specified needs of the business and the nature of the target audience. Pay only for what you need in the product.

What makes us the most reliable Custom Software Development Entity

Our commitment to crafting customized software solutions drives innovation in our project to provide clients with a competing digital product. Our competencies when combined, make us the best choice for a software development project

  • Complete Transparency on priority
  • 14+ years of experience
  • Broad Technology Stack
  • Commitment to Innovation
  • Customized Tailored Solutions
  • Least time to market
Why Choose The NineHertz

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Our Command in Software Technologies


We combine various technologies to prepare a framework that helps to build customized features as per the client’s product vision. We carry a broad technology stack to implement the right element in projects of different natures.

Code-Crafted Creations- Our Software Development Work


From lines of code to functional software products, we have tailored varied software solutions to bring ideas into reality. Our teams of software developers have lifted the project from scratch and instilled each feature to merge the project outcome with the client’s vision.


Oculus Development

Services:- Blockchain Development, Game Development, Mobile App Development
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NFT Marketplaces

Services:- Blockchain Development
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Blockchain Insurance

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OTT Streaming Platform

Services:- Mobile App Development
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Online Stock Trading Platform

Services:- Mobile App Development
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Food Ordering App and Website

Services:- Mobile App Development, Web Development
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Online Travel Booking Platform

Services:- Mobile App Development
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Online B2B Platform

Services:- Mobile App Development, Web Development
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Online Shopping Platform

Services:- eCommerce Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development
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On-Demand Service Marketplace

Services:- Mobile App Development
  • On-Demand Service Marketplace Available on Android and iOS, this on-demand services delivery app is dedicated to offering a wide range of home services with just a few clicks. Get the best home assistance done by professionals easily in order to...


E-Learning Management System

Services:- Mobile App Development, Web Development
  • E-Learning Management System Our client is a leading e-learning provider that wanted to develop an e-learning management system to provide students with a modern and convenient way to access their courses and learning materials. Industry Education Connect An Expert Now...

What Clients Says


Our track record speaks for itself”. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most successful brands in the industry and have earned their trust through our commitment to excellence.

Christopher Graham

We have been working with The NineHertz for our MVP Launch project for more than 3 years. The Project was delivered in less than a year and completed all the discussed competencies and features. Our application received marked thousands of downloads within a few months post-deployment. The experience with The NineHertz has really been fantastic. Their communication and response allowed me to have keen control over my project and foster perfection in every development phase. Thanks to their professionalism and quality service, we are now engaged as a long-term digital support partner for our MVP and the organization’s online presence platforms.

Christopher Graham

Christopher Graham

Co-Founder / CEO - Chilling Inc.
Christopher Graham

I worked with The NineHertz for my development project with little or no software development experience. Their expertise and excellence in UI designing and core development have really brought my idea to life. The communication was so great that I never felt something going out of track. The project was delivered at the very time. The development team, sales team, and testing team have been well-responsive to providing project and deliverable updates frequently. Looking forward to working with them on version 2.0.

Christopher Graham

Roosevelt Bowman

CEO of Career Accelerator
Christopher Graham

The dedication that The NineHertz team exhibited during the project is really remarkable. The graphic designer at the company was really able to bring my thinking to life with their creative designs. Having deployed my application, I still receive appreciation from my users for the seamless, and informative user interface. The team does share a lot of suggestions that helped me make better decisions. All the deliverables were achieved on time. I will really suggest The NineHertz to anyone looking for a digital software development partner.

Christopher Graham

Jade Punski

Co-founder/CEO of Dog Park

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some questions you might have. If you have other questions, feel free to contact or have a consultation session-

Choosing the right development partner is crucial and equally hectic. You can consider the following factors while choosing the right team of software developers for your project-

  • Years of experience
  • Projects they have worked on
  • Cost of hiring
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Sample project

The major services provided by a software development company are-

  • Custom Software Development
  • Software consulting services
  • Enterprise Software Development
  • Software Integration Services
  • Custom CRM Development Services
  • Software Product Development Services

Businesses from all industries that are looking to digitize the various operations of their firm need software development offerings. The target audience for development services is very broad, not limited to geography, size/type of businesses.

The cost of building custom software is highly viable as it depends on a range of factors. The factors are but not limited to the type of software, features being included, location of the development team, complexity of the project, and much more. However, you can consider the starting price for basic software development to be $25,000 and increasing according to the requirements.

The following technologies are used to develop custom software-

  • Back-end programming languages
  • Front-end programming languages
  • Big data
  • Databases/ data storage
  • Cloud databases, warehouses, and storage
  • DevOps
  • Innovative technologies
  • Architecture designs and patterns
  • Platforms

Software development basically refers to developing, distributing, and maintaining the software. On the other hand, Information Technology is a broader term that encompasses the maintenance of the overall technology infrastructure of the businesses including systems, devices, and software.

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