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The world is a classroom and the technology eruption is further proofing the statement in another sense. Today, learners don’t have to visit a physical classroom to learn anything. In such a landscape, education app development seems a great business idea to generate good revenue by distributing knowledge. However, to step into this digital business scenario, it is important to find a good eLearning software development company that can help you build an app for online learning. Launch your own learning mobile app or be a bridge between education institutions and students with top-notch educational app development company.

Education App Revenue and Statistics


The Number well portrays the growth of educational software and technology markets worldwide.

Global education technology market size was valued at $142.37 billion in 2023, with a CAGR of 13.6% till 2030.
The educational software market in the US alone is set to achieve a valuation of $1.2 billion by the end of 2024.
The global educational software market is increasing with a CAGR of 8.2% to achieve a valuation of $28.2 billion by the end of 2027.

Education App Development Services


At The NineHertz, we offer a complete range of solutions under our education app development services. Connect with a broader target audience by developing a customized eLearning mobile app.

Virtual Classroom Apps

Ensure increased attendance in your classes with a virtual classroom app. Leverage the power of virtual reality to connect teachers and students, share learning materials, foster two-way communication, and much more. The app can even take notes of class to share them with students for future revision and learning purposes.

Self-Learning Apps

Build an education app that enables the learners to utilize their free time. Self-learning apps carry all the learning material and content ready for the students so that they can practice at any time of the day. Further, the app also provides the convenience of video and audiobooks that make learning much easier. The exam and practice feature in the app enables the students to give mock tests on the basis of their learnings.

Corporate Training Apps

Moving further, there are corporate training apps that help corporate employees excel in their skills and knowledge in any domain. Build your own corporate training apps to ensure that all of your employees or the target audience and copping up with the latest required skill set, you can deliver exceptional project quality to the clients, and achieve competitive advantages in this viable market.

Learning Management Systems

Transfigure the learning process at your institution with the help of disruptive learning management systems. Ensure to include each bit of the syllabus in the curriculum and secure time for revision in the very advance. Our learning management system development enables the different educational institutes to streamline their learning process criteria and enhance the overall results of the students.

Induction and orientation app

Be it any educational institute, skills-enhancing coaching, or any corporate office, orientation, and induction programs play an important role in making people familiar with the ambiance. Induction and orientation apps enable such organizations and offices to share every basic detail of their curriculum with newcomers and make them adapt to the pace more efficiently than ever.

On-demand eLearning apps

This is the custom eLearning mobile app development that enables the client or educational institutes to design software solutions according to their very particular needs. All the features and functionalities in this software are imparted as per the client’s requirements. Also, the on-demand eLearning app can be integrated with the existing attendance software of the institutes.

Improve Learning with Education App Development

Articulate 360, Adobe Captivate, Lectora, Blackboard, iSpring Learn, iSpring Suite, Byju, Unacademcy, and there are plenty of other names that well-portray the dominance of eLearning software around the world. Not only the academic courses but people are turning toward online platforms for various co-curricular activities as well. Be it dancing, singing, language learning, coding, or anything else, you can find and learn anything from the comfort of your home. So, education software solutions are undoubtedly on the sharp rise.

Whether you run an educational institute or are looking for an opportunity to step into the industry, a good eLearning app development company is all you need. The NineHertz enables you to build your own mobile app where the existing students can log in with their credentials, join the classes, take notes, complete their tests, and connect to the faculty. Similarly, you can build an educational app where different tutors and learners can connect to each other.

Whether you belong to the industry or not, eLearning apps can be a great idea to ignite your digital business and earn good revenue by offering the right features. Connect with us for educational app development, encourage better learning, and attain a good return on your investment.


Want to Develop Your eLearning App

Launch Your E-learning App With Our Clone Solutions


Bring the capabilities and user base of top-performing eLearning mobile apps to your software with our Clone-app solutions. Create a replica of existing industry giants equipped with additional features.

Coursera App Clone

Bring features like course catalog, enrollment, video lectures, interactive quizzes, discussion forms, assignments, offline access, and much more to your app. Build the Coursera app clone with more advanced features to easily attract the target audience.

Udemy App Clone

Build an app like Udemy that promotes self-paced learning among students. Enable slow and strong learning for the learners and achieve a competitive advantage in the highly competitive landscape.

ThingLink App Clone

Creating an app that allows teachers and educational institutes to create engaging learning content is a great idea at the present time. Instill the features of Thinglink and easily enable the users to create virtual tours, video classes, augmented images, and 360-degree experiences.

Duolingo App Clone

Develop a language learning app and invite people around the world to master different native as well as international languages from the comfort of their homes. Launch a smarter version of Duolingo and commence a better way of language learning.

Quizlet App Clone

Foster the features like flashcards, and game-based quizzes to make learning even fun and exciting for the students. Building an app clone of Quizlet can enable you to grab a larger user base who loves to learn while having fun.

Byju’s App Clone

Take the educational industry to new heights by using AR and VR for learning purposes. An app like Byju’s brings practicality to learning practices and makes it easier for students to understand academic concepts.

eLearning App Development: Must-have Features


A feature-rich application is all you need to capture the audience in this highly competitive landscape. Ensure that you put all the necessary functionalities in your solutions to gain a long-term user base.

Student Panel
  • User Profile

    The app allows the students to create their unique profile by providing basic information like name, age, course, grade, subjects, personal preferences, and more. Using the credentials, the student can log in to their dashboard from any device.

  • Course Dashboard

    This is the user interface of the application where the students can access all the important details like the status of classes, learning material, upcoming tests, and much more.

  • Learning resources

    Students can keep and access all their learning material from the online eLearning mobile app. Be it the notes given by teachers, material prepared by students, textbooks, video sessions, or anything else, everything can be found in one place without losing.

  • Progress tracking

    This feature enables the students to track their progress from beginning to end. The progress is evaluated with the help of a series of tests, mock interviews, quizzes, and many other examination practices. At the same time, statistics like attendance, and grades are displayed with the help of graphical representation.

  • Collaboration Tools

    Leveraging the power of collaboration tools like discussion forums and live chats, students can collaborate with other learners as well as the tutors. These tools foster a combined learning environment, collaboratively work on a project, and complete the group assignment without actually gathering in one place.

  • Push Notifications

    The eLearning mobile apps are equipped with a push notification feature that informs the students about the classes’ timing, upcoming tests, any messages, or updates from the tutors, reminders, and every other activity. It helps students to stay updated about the classes and exams all the time.

  • Feedbacks and Ratings

    Students can share feedback and ratings for teachers, courses, lessons, institutions, and everything. This provides a chance for improvement for the relevant stakeholders. At the same time, the rating feature enables the students to choose the right course, institute, or teacher when they are looking to learn something.

Teacher/Institute Panel
  • Course Management

    The feature gives permission to the institutes or the teachers to create, manage, and edit the content of the course. At the same time, the scheduling of classes, exams, assignments, etc. is also managed through this panel.

  • Attendance tracking

    The teachers can track the attendance of students on a regular basis. At the same time, they can also send warning messages, and follow-up messages to the students when they are not fulfilling the minimum attendance criteria.

  • Grading and Assessment

    To send feedback to customers on their exams and tests, the teacher panel of the Edtech application comes with a grading feature. Here, the teachers can give grades or marks to the students according to their performance along with suggestions for improvement.

  • Communication tools

    Whenever the teacher needs to communicate with the whole class or a particular student, the communication tool is there to foster seamless communication.

  • Push Notifications

    Similar to student panels, teachers also get push notifications for every practice or action. As soon as a student wants to reach out for any query or assistance, the teacher will be notified about the same. The real-time updates about the announcements, upcoming events, and schedules are also notified to teachers instantly.

  • Feedbacks and Ratings

    Teachers can leverage the feedback and rating feature to share their experience with a student, course, instructor, or the overall learning experience. Also, the feedback is open for admins who can report any issue regarding the application.

  • Gamified elements

    The gamified elements make the platform more engaging for the teachers. For example, the teachers can give the badges and points to the students to instill a competition feeling. Similarly, the leaderboard feature enables the teachers to showcase the best-performing students in the batch.

  • Assignment submission

    This portal is controlled by the teachers who can evaluate all the assignments submitted by the students. This panel also shares information about the submission time, late submission by students, and the list of students who have not submitted the assignments.

educational admin panel
  • User management

    The admin has the complete authority to manage the users and their profiles. The admin panel can remove the teacher as well as the student when found conflicting with the policies and regulations of the app. At the same time, the admin can look into the content being shared by the admin to ensure partiality and truthfulness.

  • Dashboard and Analytics

    The most important feature that provides the overall insights of the app and user base to the admin. The owner can access information like the engagement rate of students in a particular course, attendance of students in lectures from specific teachers, and more.

  • Content management

    The complete content on the app is controlled by the admin itself. Be it the promotional ad campaigns, feedback, and reviews, or the education content on the platform, the admin can access the content, review, edit, or even remove it.

  • Institutional Annoucements

    This feature is designed to spread awareness and information to all the stakeholders in the least time. The admin can make any announcement to inform the students, teachers, and institutes about the upcoming features, events, offers, and much more. This feature is integrated with the communication tools of the platform.

  • Finances and Billing

    The overall monetary transactions at the app are controlled by the admin panel where they can access the details like fees paid to students for any particular course, subscriptions paid by the users, etc. Moreover, the admin can generate the finance reporting for any particular period in case of any conflict or disagreement.

  • Seamless integrations

    The admin panel can be integrated with the other software solutions being used by the stakeholders. It includes ERP software, CRM software, attendance software, finance tools, etc. The integration enables easy access to big data in one place.

  • Security Control

    All the activities in the app remain under the control of the admin panel where they can recognize the malpractices being conducted by the users as well as take strict actions against them as soon as possible. All the panels of the application are controlled by the admin on the Edtech app.

eLearning Mobile Apps For Education


The NineHertz builds an eLearning mobile app that makes the learning experience even easier and more fun for both the learners and tutors. Our solutions are equipped with the latest technologies that make the concept accessible to people having various devices. Moreover, mobile solutions make it feasible for everyone to adapt new skills anytime, anywhere.

  • Accessibility
  • Self-learning
  • Cost efficiency
  • Scalable solutions
  • Real-time tracking
  • Distinguished dashboards
  • Data and analytics
  • Offline modes
  • Interactive content
  • Available Notes
  • Collaborative learning
  • Device Compatibility
  • Easy Integration

Artificial Intelligence for Smart Learning

Foster personalized learning experiences in education with artificial intelligence. The technology helps to record the pace of learning and study experience of the users via different experiments and sessions. This enables the software to suggest the best learning practices to the users for better adaptability.

Blockchain in eLearning

All the data and information of students, teachers, and institutes are kept confidential with the help of blockchain technology. At the same time, all the monetary transactions are also controlled by blockchain technology fostering the secured transfer of money between the stakeholders.

Virtual Assistant for guidance

The app carries a virtual assistant for the students and teachers that answers the basic queries of the relevant people. It includes answering queries, guiding learning, and providing a better interactive experience. This support is available round the clock for everyone.

Big Data for Education

Big data technology analyses a large amount of data to provide insights into student performance, learning patterns, education trends, and more. Having analyzed the data, the students and teachers are given feedback that enable them to make improvements in the required areas.

AR/VR for Education

With Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, learners can experience things in real time for better learning. Be it geographical areas or biological learning, AR and VR technologies help the learners to observe things and adapt to better learning.

Gamification in eLearning

The gamified elements in the eLearning process make sure that the learners don’t get exhausted after a long learning session. The gamification can be done in the form of competitive exams, limited-time test series, or the fastest problem solvers in the class.

Lets Work

Cost To Develop An E-learning App


eLearning mobile app development cost can never be a fixed digit as a number of factors combine to form the overall cost of development. While an app can be developed for as low as a few thousand dollars, it can also go up to a few hundred thousand dollars.

Application Type

Different types of apps require different types of integration and features which changes the overall development cost of the app. So, choose the app type wisely according to your particular requirements and business vision.

Project complexity

Too much third-party integration and the use of advanced features will undoubtedly add dollars to your app development bill. App complexity increases the project time which leads to the higher app development cost.

Type of features

While the basic features will not cost a fortune, choosing the advanced features with exceptional capabilities will require a good investment. Ensure to list the best features while removing the unnecessary features from the list to get the best of your investment.

Technology Stack

The technology framework says a lot about the overall eLearning mobile app development cost. Adding the Industry 4.0 technologies will increase the overall cost as they provide the competitive advantages to the application.

Education app design

The intuitive user interface is one of the important factors to ensure the best user experience. However, it takes interactive elements, themes, and designs to make the best user interface. All these things can only be achieved with a good investment in UX design.

Platform of app development

Developing an app for iOS users is totally different from app development for Android users. The web apps have their own development cost due to requirement technology.

Do You Want to Develop an Educational App?

Hire a Skilled eLearning App Developer



The development team determines the quality of the software. When planning to enter a multi-billion dollar market, make sure that you partner with a professional and experienced team of education app developers that can create solutions to compete in the market.

Hiring a proficient education mobile app development company contributes significantly to their ideas and viewpoint of software development. The technologies chosen by the experts can be the best way to build a strong and stable platform that can support a user base of millions.

The NineHertz stands proudly as one of the best eLearning mobile app development companies with an experience of 15+ years. We have development experts according to particular niches that provide the best guidance for the features and strategies to develop scalable solutions and beat the market competition. Our ample maintenance support ensures that the software doesn’t bring down the user experience once launched.

  • Industry Expertise
  • Least Time-to-Market
  • Advanced Technology Exposure
  • Agile Project Management
  • Rules and Regulations Adherence
  • Streamlined communication

Education App Development Process


Each step in our app development process is dedicated to achieving the best quality software solution. Our well-planned app development process helps us to minimize the time-to-market and launch the app at the earliest.

Step 01

Planning and Ideation

The very first stage is dedicated to planning and ideation where the development team and client brainstorm about the app idea, features, overall cost, development time, and all the other aspects of app development.

Step 02

UI/UX Designing

Next comes the designing phase of the app where the intuitive user interface is crafted for the eLearning mobile app. A prototype is delivered to the client to collect feedback and areas of improvement.

Step 03

App Development

This is the core development phase when the developers work on the backend, frontend, API integration, third-party integrations, and other development tasks. The design is coded into the application.

Step 04

Quality analysis

To ensure that the final version of the application is error-free, our team of quality analysts conducts different tests for the application. This process removes all the bugs and errors from the app to deliver the best version of the software.

Step 05

App deployment

Once the application has been developed and tested, it is deployed to respective app platforms like Google Play Store and Apple App Store to make it available to the target audience. All the platform compliances, rules, and regulations are followed by our team.

Step 05

Maintenance Support

The NineHertz promises ample maintenance and support to their client which includes application updates, bug removal, and smooth running of the application.

Technology Stack For eLearning App

Tech Stacks

We choose the technology stack according to the particular demands of the clients. Our chosen technologies help us build the best eLearning mobile apps.

Why The NineHertz Is considered the best Education App Development Company In USA

The NineHertz is a leading e learning app development company which has served a huge client base in its decades of experience. Each educational app developer in the team carries the utmost expertise in the respective field. The NDA agreement with the company ensures the confidentiality of all the client’s and project’s data.

  • Cost Efficient Solutions
  • Technology advancements
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Data Confidentiality
  • On-time delivery
Why Choose The NineHertz

Connect With Expert Educational App Developers

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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some questions you might have. If you have other questions, feel free to contact or have a consultation session-

First of all, it is important to have a clear understanding of all the features and vision of the project. Having brainstormed the idea, you must hire a good eLearning mobile app development company.

The NineHertz is the best education app development company with 250+ expert education app developers curating the solutions according to the customized needs and preferences of the clients.

Yes, there are a range of monetization strategies that enable the eLearning mobile apps to make money. The monetization models include the subscription model, advertising model, freemium model, registration fee, transactional model, etc.

eLearning mobile app development cost is highly variable as it depends on a range of factors. The components deciding the app development cost are but not limited to the location of the development team, app platform, duration of the project, technology stack, third-party integration, etc.

There are different types of educational apps that you can develop. It includes Virtual Classroom Apps, Self-Learning Apps, Corporate Training Apps, Learning Management Systems, Induction and orientation apps, On-demand eLearning apps, etc.

There are different technologies that are used to build eLearning mobile applications. Other than the basic technology stack, advanced technologies like blockchain, AR/VR, metaverse, AI, and ML, enhance the capabilities of educational apps to a significant extent.

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