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Just like any other industry, Taxi Booking and Ride Hailing services are booming on the online landscape. Thanks to modern taxi booking apps, getting the rides ready at the doorsteps has become much easier and hassle-free. If you own a ride-hailing or taxi business, relying on the offline approach might be a big cause for your revenue limitation. Explore the digital realm of the industry with taxi booking app development and give a spark spike to your revenue. Hire the best taxi booking app development company for your app and multiply your customer base to build a better presence across markets.

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Our Taxi Booking App Development Services?


The taxi booking app market is highly competitive with key market leaders like Careem, Ola, and Uber ruling the marketplaces. To make your business more competent, highly customizable taxi booking app development services become the primary focal point. It allows one to impart personalized and advanced features to claim competitive advantages. Our complete suite of taxi app development services helps relevant businesses conduct market research and build a solution that can withstand the unicorns of the industry.

Ride-hailing App Development

Develop an app like Careem and Uber that allows users to book fleets of different sizes and locations seamlessly from their smartphones. Our taxi booking app developers carry in-depth insights into customer requirements in the industry to build software that fills the requirement gap.

Carpooling app development

Make the ride affordable for your target audience with carpooling and ride-sharing app development. It allows the users to share their ride with other people going in the same direction and save the bill or share the ride fare

Car Rental app development

If you own a car rental business, our car rental app development services will enable users from different geographics to reach you. List your fleets on the app, place a bid for the rent bracket, define your own rules and regulations, and invite customers to make bookings online.

Limousine App Development

Connect to the premium car rental segment with a limousine app development. Provide luxury taxi booking services to the target people, collect a good fare, and make them your loyal customers. Connect to people who deserve to be in your high-class luxury cabs.

Fleet Management app development

Better manage your vehicles, drivers, and fleets innovatively. Receive the invoices, track the location of the driver, access the availability of vehicles, check for the challans and toll crossing, with much on a single dashboard.

Corporate Taxi App Development

Explore the B2B business model with taxi booking app services. Invite the corporates and government offices to choose your cab service for all their employee pickup/drop facilities, moving inventories, and more. Build your corporate taxi booking app.

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Hotel and Tourism Taxi App Development

Bring big hotels and tourism businesses into your client base. Develop an app and ask hospitality businesses to choose their taxi services for their various transportation and cab requirements. Multiply your revenue by making business clients and getting a fixed income every month.

On-demand chauffeur app development

If you have an army of drivers and people looking for part-time driving jobs, on-demand chauffeur app development can be your key to massive business. List the drivers, let the users connect to them, and earn on a transactional model along with getting the platform fee from all the users.

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Build A Taxi Booking App Like Lyft, Cabify, Careem, Bolt,

On-demand custom taxi applications can take your business to the places. Substituting offline cab booking traditions, companies like Lyft, Cabify, Careem, and Bolt have introduced a completely new concept of booking rides. The current taxi app market size is worth $220 billion which is expected to touch the valuation of $283 billion by 2028. The market is growing with a CAGR of 4.2% during the forecast period.

In such a scenario where people can call a cab of any size and type on their doorsteps, relying on an offline cab booking approach might not be a good idea. So, a custom taxi booking app developer helps with taxi-booking app development services to bring the business to the digital realm. Not only does it help the business to transform digitally but a software or app enables the business owners to explore the other taxi business models to diversify the services with the least investment.

Be it shifting the offline business to online, connecting the customers and cab drivers, or building a ride-hailing business, The Ninehertz offers readymade taxi app solutions that fit the very particular needs of the clients. Our car booking app development solutions are equipped with advanced features that provide an enhanced customer experience. At the same time, our broad technology stack and expertise in integrating industry 4.0 technologies into the solutions make our offerings stand out from the crowd.

During Bolt like taxi app development solutions, we ensure the seamless user experience and user interface that enable the users to perform the various tasks without any error or glitches. Our dedicated taxi app developers foster seamless navigation in the application that enables the users to leverage all the functionalities of the application to the fullest.


Want to Develop Your Taxi Booking App

Taxi-Booking Business Models We Support


The NineHertz helps taxi business owners digitize their businesses and add a variety of services under one app. Along with developing apps like Uber, Lyft, Careem, and Cabify, there are a variety of explored and unexplored taxi business models that bring a good revenue in the pocket. All our taxi booking business model apps and software are equipped with the latest technological advancements and streamline tasks to a great extent.

Private taxi business

When the client is already the owner of a large fleet that they want to run as a taxi, the private taxi app is the best option. This is a dedicated app for business owners in which they can list all their fleets, drivers, rent, and availability. The customers can visit the application to search for their perfect vehicle, enter the required details, and make the booking.

Carpooling and rental

This model is a carpooling and rental mobile app. This model enables the drivers to share their journey routes throughout the day. Customers with their dedicated panel can access this information to book their seats in a sharing taxi. This saves a lot of money for customers by sharing the rides with people going in the same direction.

Delivery and Logistics apps

When the client wants to take a step ahead of ride-hailing services, the delivery and logistics business model is the other great option. We enable businesses to lend their vehicle for delivery and transportation purposes.

Corporate taxi business

This business model focuses on making corporate and business clients. Here, the taxi business owner can invite other businesses and institutions like hotels, restaurants, resorts, hospitals, colleges, universities, and more to choose their services for all the cab and taxi needs.

Taxi Booking App Features


At The NineHertz, we understand that the features of the app are the success-driving factors. So, we make sure that every taxi booking solution we develop carries out-of-the-box features and innovation to secure competitive advantages in a highly competitive market.

User Panel
  • Two-Step Verification

    We keep the security and privacy of users at the top. By imparting the two-step verification, it is ensured that the anonymous people don’t log in to a random account by filling in the phone number or other basic details. Also, the risk of hacking and data breaching can be eliminated with this feature.

  • Book a ride

    The basic feature of the app is to book a ride where the users can feed the pickup and drop location to search for the ride. Having found the perfect ride at the right price, one can make the booking with a single tap. The cab reaches the doorsteps within minutes.

  • Multiple payment gateways

    Our taxi booking mobile app solutions are equipped with multiple payment gateways, fostering secured transactions. Payment options like net banking, cards, eWallet, or COD, make it easier for customers to book rides and make the payment in their convenient way.

  • In-app calling and chat

    This feature provides communication convenience to various users of the app. Customers can call and message the cab driver for any query or assistance. Similarly, the driver can call or message the customer after arrival or in case of any query or feedback.

  • Live location tracking

    The live location feature enables the user to track their ride after making the booking. It helps to get an estimate of the time of arrival so that neither the driver nor the user has to wait for each other. The ETA helps customers decide to book the cab at the right time.

  • Push notification

    Users can get a notification about everything in the background. Be it confirmation of booking, payment status, the arrival of the cab, or anything else, users are informed instantly. Similarly, the discounts and offers are also shared with customers via push notification.

  • Advance Booking

    When customers need a cab service at odd times, booking options enable them to get the ride at the perfect time. Be it midnight or early morning, users can always book a cab in advance so they don’t have to worry about finding a ride at difficult times.

  • Multiple Stops

    Other than car pooling, a user can add multiple stops in their complete journey to pick up their friends or family members from the different locations. At complete fare of the ride is also estimated during the booking.

  • Save locations and addresses

    Users can add the locations and addresses which they frequently visit. Locations can be saved as home, office, school, hospital, park, supermarket, etc. It makes ride booking even more convenient as the user doesn’t have to enter the complete address manually.

  • Rating and Reviews

    The user can add the rating and reviews for their overall experience with the ride and driver. This helps them to eliminate unprofessional drivers and damaged cabs from the road to make the online cab service even better.

Driver Panel
  • Document Management

    Drivers can upload and securely keep their documents like driver’s licenses, insurance papers, and more in this panel. It helps them showcase the relevant document at the time of need. Moreover, the admin verifies the eligibility of drivers by evaluating their documents.

  • Availability Status

    Drivers have the option to switch their availability. With a slider marked with an On and Off sign, they can choose whether they are available to take a ride or they don’t want to take one. Moreover, they can also use this button when they are already on the way to a ride.

  • Ride request accept or reject

    The driver has the complete right to decide whether they want to take a trip or not. If the driver doesn’t prefer the time, location, or particular customers based on rating, he/she can reject the ride. Similarly, if they are ok with the customer’s requirement, they can accept the ride.

  • Navigation and route selection

    Drivers get the in-app navigation facility that they can use to reach the destination. There are options for different routes where the driver can choose one route as per the distance and traffic conditions.

  • Help support

    This is the support option for drivers whenever they are facing any technical or operational issues. The issue can be related to payment gateway, navigation glitch, unusual demand of customers, instant change of destination, etc.

  • Earning reports

    The driver can download the complete earning reports carrying information about trips completed, the fare of each trip, payment to the app, fuel charges, and the overall profit. The report is updated in real time to keep the information updated.

  • Ride details and history

    Drivers can access the details for all the rides they have completed. At the same time, this feature provides them the name, location information, and the complete fare of any particular ride in case of conflict from the customer or admin after completing the ride.

  • In-app Chat & Calling

    Just like the customer panel, the driver panel of custom taxi booking app also carries the in-app chat and calling feature where they can contact the customers for navigation, and query purposes. Also, drivers can send the message once they reach the destination from the taxi apps only.

Taxi Admin Panel
  • Rider Management

    This feature enables the admin to assign the nearby locations to the riders so that they can complete the trip in the least time. It makes more riders available to take rides throughout the day.

  • Location management

    The admin has complete access to the locations of their fleets and drivers. The real-time location tracking via geofencing makes it easier for them to best utilize the resources.

  • Customer grievances

    This feature is designed as a communication bridge between the users and the admin. Drivers and end customers can turn to this feature for complaining and suggesting the admin.

  • Revenue management

    The admin can look into all the incoming and spending transactions to estimate the overall revenue. Based on the revenue performance, they can make the strategies accordingly.

  • Promotion management

    Promotion management enables the admin to look into all the promotional campaigns of the platform, analyze the performance of campaigns, and implement the improvements.

  • Real-time ride management

    Real-time ride management is the feature where the admin panel can see all the active and non-active rides along with the availability of fleet and drivers in any location.

  • Fare management

    Admins have complete flexibility for fare management where they can increase or decrease the price of cab services according to the demand and weather conditions.

  • Advanced analytics

    All the advanced analytics are available to the admin whether it is the number of customers, number of drivers, fleet roaming in the city, demand for a particular type of vehicle at a particular time, and much more.

Benefits of our taxi mobile app solutions for Drivers

  • Saves a lot of time and fuel costs as they need no longer to roam around the streets to find passengers.
  • Taxi booking app eliminates the need for drivers to carry huge cash with them.
  • Drivers can earn good reviews and ratings by working and behaving efficiently so they get more rides throughout the day.
  • Inbuilt GPS and navigation features for drivers to get the best route with the least traffic and distance.
  • Carpooling to drop off multiple passengers at the same time and earn more without any conflict.

The benefit of our taxi mobile app solutions for Passengers

  • All the details including the cab information, driver details, estimated time of arrival, rating of driver, trip fare, and much more become handy.
  • Don’t have to walk to a taxi stand or busy roads to get a taxi quickly.
  • Multiple payment options that eliminate the compulsion of carrying cash.
  • Rating and reviews for drivers so passengers can file complaints or give feedback as per driver’s behavior.
  • Share their rides with a carpooling option so they pay a fraction of the actual fare for a trip.

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Advance Technologies We Use for Our Taxi App Development


The NineHertz brings advanced technologies into their solutions that help businesses to conquer the market and attract maximum users in the least time.

Internet of Things

We utilize IoT technology to create a more connected and informed environment for the users. Here, they can manage their notifications and actions from multiple devices.

Artificial Intelligence

With AI technology, we impart features like ETA, fare estimation, demand of services at a particular time, and advance booking in case of heavy demand.

Cloud computing

We use cloud computing technology to enable better and secured storage, cross-device data synchronization, and other advanced capabilities in taxi app solutions.


The NineHertz offers blockchain implementation services to keep the financial and personal data of the customers safe and prevent it from any hacking or breach.

Machine learning

By fostering machine learning ability in application, our taxi app solutions can distribute the rides to drivers so that they can serve to maximum number of passengers simultaneously.


Augmented reality and Virtual reality enable the users to have a tour of their taxi before booking. Also, they can see the avatar of drivers for safety purposes.

Want to Develop A Taxi App Like Uber?

Tech Stacks of Taxi Booking App Development

Tech Stacks

We choose the best technology stack to build a strong architecture for your taxi booking app development solution. Be it front end, back end, database, payment gateway, or anything else, we pick the best technology and options to streamline the platform’s performance.

Taxi Booking App Development Cost


The taxi app development cost is based on multiple factors which can take your overall investment from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars. Taxi booking app development cost starts at $15,000 which goes up to $150,000 depending on the features and requirements of the platform.

App platform

Choosing between native app development and cross-platform app development influences the cost of taxi mobile app development. Here, native apps are considered as expensive.

Tech stack

The technology choices to build the platform are a big deciding factor for the total cost of app development.

App design

The intuitive user interface takes time to be designed and thus it requires a higher budget to create a seamless app design.

Project complexity

A simpler app with basic functionalities with cheaper and cost-efficient while a complex app with advanced capabilities costs more.

Maintenance and support

Opting for the maintenance and support from the technical team adds the dollars to the overall budget of app development.

App size

Larger apps generally require more budget to build as compared to the smaller apps.

Why Choose The NineHertz for Taxi Booking App Development?

The NineHertz is the one-stop solution for all app and software development needs. Skilled taxi app developers at our firm carry in-depth expertise in the particular niche. Their understanding of the customer’s needs and expectations in this specific industry helps curate the solutions that fill the demand gap in the market. Fostering the advancements of industry 4.0 technology, our tech-lead solutions can achieve competitive advantages amid the plethora of similar platforms

  • Cost Efficient Solutions
  • Technology advancements
  • In-depth industry expertise
  • 24*7 Support
  • On-time delivery
  • Enhanced security
Why Choose The NineHertz

Connect With Expert Taxi App Developers

Hire Taxi App Developers

Our multiple hiring models for taxi app developers fit best according to the budget and preferences of different clients. Explore our hiring model and choose the best that suits you.

Fixed Cost

Get your project ready at the very fixed cost from your side. It is the best model if you have a very specific budget and don’t want to add dollars in later stages.

Hourly basis

Hire the developers on an hourly basis and pay periodically as per the number of hours spent by taxi app developers working on your project.

Dedicated team

Hire your own team of dedicated taxi app developers working solely on your project. Eliminate or add the members from the team as per your requirements.

Taxi App Development Process


Our taxi app development process is backed by the right project management methodology to achieve the best version of the project at the end of the cycle.

Step 01

Requirement analysis

Brainstorming with the client to understand the project requirement, desired features, and functionalities, and finalizing the overall budget.

Step 02


The design team creates the prototype of the application to help the client understand the complete workflow of the app and submit feedback.

Step 03

App development

The core development phase is to build the frontend, backend, gateway integration, API integration, and write source code for the final version of the app.

Step 04

Quality analysis

The QA team conducts the performance test, speed test, feature test, error testing, and other analysis practices to achieve the best version.

Step 05

App deployment

The app is deployed to the respective app market viz. Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The launching process takes almost 2 weeks.

Step 05

Maintenance and Support

We provide ample maintenance and support to our clients for bug removal and application updates over time.

Success Stories


See how other national and regional brands are running successful campaigns with The NineHertz.


Bajao Radio

Services:- Google Ads, SEO, ASO, SMO
  • 1.2M


  • 5.67%

    Conversion rate

  • 5%

    Growth in CTR

Legal Service

Patent Services

Services:- SEO, SMO
  • 30+

    Ranked on first pge of SERP

  • 200%

    Growth in organic keywords

  • 40%

    Improvement on social platforms

Gems and Jewellery

Belrose Diamonds

Services:- SMM, SEO
  • 71%

    Increase in the conversion

  • 99%

    Growth in clicks

  • 100%

    Increase in monthly organic traffic

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some questions you might have. If you have other questions, feel free to contact or have a consultation session-

The NineHertz is the best taxi app development company with 250+ expert developers curating the solutions according to the customized needs and preferences of the clients.

You can hire The NineHertz by simply clicking here. You can also fill out the form on our website to get started. Our expert will contact you ASAP after filling out the form.

Yes, the app can be customized according to the business model communicated by the client or the features they want to see in the online taxi booking app.

Yes, the top taxi app development company in the market including The NineHertz places the Non-Disclosure Agreement at the beginning of their app development lifecycle. It helps them maintain the confidentiality of project information and client data.

Yes, a taxi app can easily support multiple languages according to the particular region and country of operations.

The complexity, features, and platform of choice all affect how much it costs to develop a taxi app. The average cost to develop a basic feature-rich taxi booking app is between $15,000 and $50,000.

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