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As a premier food delivery app development company, The NineHerz blends innovation with technology advancements and helps food businesses grow in the mobile landscape. From user interface to streamlined operations, we provide food delivery app development services to bring maximum hungry hearts to choose your meal. Our on-demand food delivery software ensures that your food delivers fresh and warm food to customer’s doorsteps so that you are always at their favorite eating stop.

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How Food Delivery App Development Extends Your Business Reach?

The growing number of people using apps to order food online means there’s lots of opportunity for restaurants in the online landscape. Since COVID, more people are ordering food online than ever before, so businesses need to adapt and go digital. This change doesn’t just make it easier for customers to order food, but also gives them more options for where to get it from.

Food delivery app development solutions are what help restaurant businesses connect to their target audience from smartphone screens and do business beyond narrow geographical boundaries. While serving local customers with their physical dine-in facility, online food ordering helps them widen their reach to distant locations of the city.

Our team of professional food delivery app developers enables you to foster a technological solution that helps you cater to the various changing needs of your target customers. Be it ordering the food from the comfort of their home, making the reservation for a table, or just accessing the menu to know what you offer, our restaurant mobile app solutions bring everything to a single dashboard.

  • Widen the reach of your food with tech-driven AI-based food delivery app solutions
  • Digital payments to keep a better record of your daily sales and all the transactions
  • Share offers and discounts to your regular customers to bring them to your doorsteps
  • Eliminate the need for additional physical infrastructure

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Custom Food Delivery App Development Services


Food delivery apps like DoorDash are making billions by filling the gap between hungry stomachs and the best restaurants. Depending on the timeline and budget of the project, The NineHertz, being the best food delivery app development company, offers different custom food delivery app development services. Each of our solutions is tailored according to the very particular needs of our business clients so they get the worth of each dollar they invest.

Custom food Delivery app development

Taking things from scratch, each line of code is written to impart the specific feature according to business needs. The complete architecture, user interface, features, functionalities, designs, navigation, menu, and each bit of the solution is crafted according to the client’s preference. Under our custom food delivery app development services, the flavor of uniqueness can be enjoyed to the highest. Due to the personalization ability, this option is counted among the best food ordering app development solutions.

White-label apps solutions

Minimize the time and investment for your online food delivery app development by opting for white-label app solutions. Customize the existing generic application according to your needs and theme to use it for your business. This strategy brings the food delivery app development cost in fraction. Also, one need not worry about micromanagement for tailoring each thread of the software. Put your name on the ready-made solution, give it your name, and leverage the capability of a quickly-built restaurant software solution.

Third-party food delivery app development

Become the link between people who crave food and those who make delicious dishes by creating a third-party food delivery app. You don’t need to open a restaurant yourself; instead, you can connect food providers with hungry customers. Big names like Uber Eats, Instacart, and Grubhub have already proven the success of this model. Forget the stress of running a restaurant – simply act as the middleman and make money from the transactions.

On-demand food delivery app development

Transform your small business or startup into a popular brand by creating a food delivery app. This app will showcase your menu and flavors, attracting customers to enjoy your restaurant’s meals. Using software solutions like this helps you compete with big food delivery app companies without needing a huge infrastructure investment.

Whether you want an app for a food restaurant or dream of creating a food marketplace like Uber Eats, we can help you with that!

Food delivery apps

The most basic one is a food delivery app that lets the restaurant owner deliver the meal to the doorsteps of customers. Be it providing the menu, pricing, online payment, feedback, or anything else, this business model software solution is perfect for all food delivery needs.

Delivery agent apps

The application is designed specifically for the delivery agents. The application enables the delivery guy to access the location of the customer, the name of the restaurant, and the pick-up time. Also, the application provides a complete navigation facility to help the delivery person choose the best path to get the food delivered.

Customer apps

As the name suggests, this app model is designed for customers who want to order food. The dashboard of the customer app consists of the list of restaurants, their menu and pricing, delivery estimation, offers, discounts, and much more. The customer can even search the restaurants famous for particular dishes.

Cloud kitchen solutions

Digital tools to extend the reach of cloud kitchen. No need to invest a fortune in the dining area as the cloud kitchen software brings more customers. Managing inventory, receiving orders, connecting to delivery partners, streamlining the supply chain, and many more tasks streamlined with our software solutions.

Aggregator apps

Bringing the idea of connecting restaurants and customers to life, food delivery aggregator app development services enable the start of an earning source without any investment into the food business. Be it Grubhub, DoorDash, or Instacart, none of them own their own restaurant, still making the revenues of billions.

Customer apps

The application is designed particularly for the customers. User can access the list of restaurants, their menu, pricing, ratings, and much more. Having ordered the food, customers can track their order, make digital payments, provide feedback, cancel their order, and even earn rewards.

Single/multi-chain restaurant apps

Connects multiple restaurants and outlets to a single dashboard for better staff and resource management. Foster the mutual recipes across the restaurant network to deliver a consistent taste in every dish and provide a better customer experience. Also, manage the sales on different outlets to have better control over profit and operational strategies.

Restaurant management apps

Keep an eye on every department of the restaurant. Make decisions for the kitchen, human resources, raw materials, sales, marketing, and everything else with a few clicks. Restaurant management apps also consist of a portal where customers can easily reserve a table, ask about availability, and find the best offer on a meal.

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Essential Features for
Online Food Ordering App Development

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We impart advanced features along with the basic ones to make the solution stand out of the competitive marketplace.

Customer Panel
  • Login and Registration

    The user provides the basic details like name, address, age, food preference, contact number, etc. The information is used to create a profile of the user for taking orders in the future.

  • Social Media Login

    This feature takes all the basic information from the existing social media account, saving time and effort for the new users.

  • Nearby restaurants

    With this functionality, the user can access the list of all their nearby restaurants, along with the reviews, and what they have to offer in food.

  • Live food tracking

    Having placed the orders, customer can track their food in real-time to get the estimated time of delivery. Further, the live location of the driver is also accessible through the interface.

  • Push notification

    With this feature, customers get informed about their order status, payment status, new deals, offers & discounts from particular restaurants, and much more.

  • Ratings and reviews

    Customers can check the ratings and reviews of any restaurant or dish before placing an order. It helps them get an idea about the quality of food.

  • Multiple payment options

    The application enables users to pay for their orders in multiple ways. credit/debit card, net banking, COD, and wallet options are provided to the customers.

Merchant/Restaurant Panel
  • Restaurant profile

    Restaurants create their own profile by providing the details like name of the restaurant, cuisine types, opening time, location, menu, pricing, etc.

  • Order management

    This feature showcases all the orders on a single dashboard along with the time of order was placed. At the same time, the status of each order is also displayed on the app.

  • Discount and coupon management

    Restaurants can introduce new discount offers and coupons to attract more customers. Similarly, they can also change or end the previous offers.

  • Finance management

    All the order values, total order values, and status of payment are also displayed on the application. It enables better finance management for the restaurants.

  • Online menu management

    Restaurants can craft their own menu, and add or remove the dish according to the availability of food and chef.

  • Live food tracking

    Just like customers, even restaurants can track their orders when the delivery agent leaves their premises for customers’ location.

  • Push notification

    Restaurants get the notification whenever a customer places the order, the delivery agent is assigned, the order is delivered or any feedback is received from the customer’s side.

food Delivery app Agent Panel
  • Rider profile

    The delivery personnel has to provide basic information like name, age, vehicle, time of availability, driving license, etc.

  • Delivery information

    The delivery agent gets the complete information about the order, location of customer, location of the restaurant, and the pickup time.

  • In-app Chat

    The driver can chat with the customers for any kind of assistance or inform them of the status of delivery.

  • Navigation

    Application provides the real-time and best-route navigation to enable the user to deliver the order in the least time.

  • Payment information

    Delivery personnel can see if the payment for the order has already been made via online banking or if they have to collect the cash on delivery.

 food ordering app development company
  • Restaurant management

    The app admin can manage all the restaurants with a few clicks. Adding and removing the restaurants according to customer reviews is also executed from the admin panel.

  • Content Management System

    The admin of the application can manage the overall content roaming on the platform about particular restaurants, dishes, features, or mutual portals.

  • Payment management

    Admin can access all the transactional details about the restaurant, the status of online payment, and generate the invoice for any transaction in case of any conflict.

  • Customer management

    Admin panel receives the feedback from the customers and takes the respective actions to foster a better experience for their users.

  • AI-business Insights

    Admin can get an insight into the demand for particular dishes in any region, sales of any restaurant, total orders placed from a particular account, and much more.

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Cost Estimation to Develop a Food Delivery App

Depending on multiple factors, food delivery app development costs are highly variable. Things like the number of features, design of the application, technology stack, location of the developer, hourly rates, time taken in the project, the complexity of the project, post-maintenance support, and many other factors influence the overall cost of developing a food delivery app. The total cost of food delivery app development can only be determined after a detailed consultation, hourly price, and number of hours it takes in different stages of the project.

Here’s a quick look at how long it takes to develop an application with food delivery app development company, broken down by each hour spent.

# Tasks Development Hours
1. Research and planning 35
2. Feature integration 120
3. Visual prototype 45
4. Designing for a particular platform 110
5. iOS development 550
6. Android development 600
7. Backend development 200
8. Admin panel 60

Our Food Delivery App Development Process


The NineHertz utilizes the Agile project management methodology to impart perfection in each of their food delivery app development lifecycle. Beginning with the idea, we take every step ahead only after achieving the quality standards in the previous stage. Our development process is crafted to reduce the app’s time-to-market.

Step 01

Project analysis

Understanding the business model and vision behind app development

Step 02

UI/UX designing

Tailoring the user interface to bring the best user experience

Step 03

Core development

Front-end and back-end development to impart the decided functionalities

Step 04

Quality testing

Remove the bugs and achieve the best version of the food delivery app

Step 05


Deploying the app to the respective app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play Store)

How Does a Food Delivery App Work?

Depending on the business model, the working principles of food delivery apps differ every time. Most prominent app development companies in USA enable customers to get their favorite meals from their favorite restaurants at their doorsteps with a few clicks.

  • Customers can browse the list and availability of restaurants to choose the one they like
  • The dishes are selected from the online menu of the restaurant and added to the cart by choosing the right quantity
  • Customers can apply for discount coupons and offers to get the best deal on their order
  • Order is placed by opting for one of the payment methods provided by the application
  • The restaurant receives the orders and starts preparing the meal
  • Request is sent to the nearest delivery personnel along with the time of pickup and drop location
  • Delivery personnel take the food from a restaurant and deliver it to the customer

Do you want to develop the next Uber Eats and DoorDash?

Best Tech-Stack for Food Delivery App Development


Our robust technology stack helps build a food delivery application and software with advanced capabilities for serving customers. All the backend, frontend, and integration work is carried out with the best technologies to serve an outstanding customer experience.

Why Choose The NineHertz for On-demand Food Delivery App Development?

The NineHertz is one of few companies carrying the capability of fostering industry 4.0 technologies in on-demand food delivery software. Our dedicated team of food delivery app developers crafts customized mobile solutions, tailored according to the particular needs of the client.

  • Industry experts at work
  • Intuitive UI/UX
  • Cost efficient solutions
  • Least time-to-market
  • High-end security
  • Customized software solutions

So, hire food delivery app developers from The NineHertz to give a spike to your revenue and make the operations more streamlined.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some questions you might have. If you have other questions, feel free to contact or have a consultation session-

The NineHertz is the best Food delivery app development company with over 14 years of experience serving food business owners.

Depending on the nature and type of project, it takes 3 months or more to deliver a customized and well-performing food delivery mobile app.

Industry 4.0 technologies like metaverse, blockchain, AR/VR, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are used to make a competent food delivery app.

Food delivery application development cost depends on a range of factors like number of features, location of the developer, and the timeline of the project. The exact price can be anywhere between $40,000-$200,000.

Yes, the food delivery app can be integrated with multiple payment options like net banking, credit card, debit card, UPI, and Cash on Delivery.

Yes, the user can add multiple addresses to their account to get the food delivered without any additional cost.

Multiple monetization models can be implemented in food delivery apps and software. It includes delivery fee, advertisement, subscription, registration fee, transactional fee, etc.

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