We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.
We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.
We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.

HTML5 Game Development Company

The NineHertz is an HTML5 game development company that specializes in developing mobile browser games. The team of experts has considerable experience in developing high-quality HTML5 games across a variety of genres and game engines that can compete with the best in the gaming market.

As the HTML5 gaming market evolves, The NineHertz will be at the forefront of innovation, improving its technology and capabilities, and delivering the best possible gaming experience.


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Our HTML 5 Game Development Services

Our team of experienced developers is skilled in using frameworks like Phaser and Cocos2d to create your own games. The NineHertz offers custom HTML5 game development services for creating game assets, level design, animation, and sound design. Our game engine is capable of delivering cross-platform games with high frame rates. Our aim is to provide our clients with the best possible gaming experience by delivering high-quality games that are engaging and fun to play.


Benefits Of HTML 5 Games

HTML5 delivers a slew of cutting-edge features to create engaging HTML5 games and websites. Apart from this, there are plenty of reasons to create browser-based HTML5 games.

Earn more revenue

With HTML5 you can use the same code for multiple platforms therefore you can earn more revenue by targeting more audiences on your app.

Cross platform

HTML5 allows game developers to focus on the gameplay and how your cross-platform game will respond to various screen sizes and input types.

Quick development process

Developing a game in HTML5 is really speedy and fast. You don’t have to wait for compilation, updates and debugging in real-time.

html5 Game Benefits

Easy deployability

Games in HTML5 can also be viewed in browsers and users can also share the game easily using a link.

Easily integrate advertisements

Integrating the advertisements in HTML5 games is a comparatively easy task. You can show the advertisements anywhere.

Cost Effective

The game developed using HTML5 can work on all the latest mobile devices, and can target any OS using the same coding.

HTML 5 Game Engines

Our few tried and true high-performance game engines allow for speedy development, visually appealing enthralling games with excellent graphics, impeccable gameplay, and animation. We are well versed in:

  • GDevelop
  • Modd.io
  • Construct 2
  • BabylonJS
  • ImpactJS Engine
  • Phaser
  • GameMaker
  • PlayCanvas

Make Interoperable HTML5 Games With A Premier Game Design Studio

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an established business, we offer a wide range of HTML5 game services using innovative ideas and emerging technologies to create iOS games as well as Android games.

3D Models
3D Models
2D Character Art
2D Background Art
Character Design
Casual Art
Slots Games concept Art
Hidden Objects
3D Environment1-1
3D Models
2D Character Art
2D Background Art
Character Design
Casual Art
Slots Games concept Art
Hidden Objects

HTML5 Game Development Tools and Technologies

We leverage a wide variety of technologies to build your ideal game. Depending on the functionality necessary, we count everything from selecting the right database, to language, framework appropriate tools for your project.

  • PixiJS
  • WebGL
  • Phaser
  • Three.JS
  • Construct 3
  • Cocos2d-X
  • PlayCanvas
  • Unreal Engine
  • Unity
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Develop Perfect and Captivating HTML5 Games

Being one of the top game development companies, The NineHertz guarantees that the project will be in line with current market trends. Our technological expertise ensures that your ideas are reflected in the gameplay with appealing design and interesting game mechanics.


Our HTML5 Game Solutions

Whether it is Flash or HTML5, we have mastered the latest technical expertise to treat each game genre with a unique and uncommon development approach. Our HTML5 game developers leverage technologies like Browser and JavaScript to turn your ideas into live HTML5 games that stand out in the market.

Action HTML5 Games

Our expertise in using various libraries/tools built around HTML5 speeds up the overall development cycle of your escape games.

Adventure HTML5 Games

The high-performance browser technologies produce a compelling fictional universe with a gripping setting and unique characters.

Educational HTML5 Games

Our free HTML5 games can be played by students while also allowing teachers to devise wonderful new forms of tutorials.

PvP Battle HTML5 Games

Users can play our PvP games on windows devices and immerse themselves in a fun environment created entirely by a computer.

Card HTML5 Games

We give your simple card games a new look by leveraging our knowledge of displaying content on Canvas using JavaScript.

Racing HTML5 Games

Players can play and experience more realistic gameplay while playing from a mere mobile device or a computer.

Weapons HTML5 Games

Our free online weapons games are made using mobile-friendly HTML5 browser settings, so they may be played on any mobile device.

Simulation HTML5 Games

We try to replicate real-world simulations in which consumers have complete control.

Board HTML5 Games

HTML5 uses technologies such as javascript to make our genre of freeboard games work well on Android, iOS, and PC.

Casino HTML5 Games

We aim to level up our mobile casino games in this omnichannel world of gaming.

Fantasy HTML5 Sports

To make your role-playing games successful, secure, and flawlessly linked, we deploy core technologies of HTML5 such as javascript.

Puzzle HTML5 Games

Put your user’s mind to work by playing our wide range of puzzle-solving games.

Hire Developers

Why Choose The NineHertz to Hire HTML5 Game Developer?

With years of expertise, we have established a reputation for delivering the finest quality multiplayer HTML5 games across the world within your budget. Hire 3D game developers from us to maximize the creative aspect, power, and performance of your HTML5 games.

why choose html5 game development

Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology

Our iterative approach helps us to deliver value to our clients faster and without any hassles.

100% Transparency

100% Transparency

Feel free to collaborate with us and we make sure your game project plans are completely safe and secure with us

Use Latest Game Trends

Use Latest Game Trends

From Flash games to browser-based and cross-platform Augmented Reality games, we continue to improve our technical skills to be on the top.

Cost-Effective Games

Cost-Effective Games

Our services are cost-effective. For example, you can save up to 70% by outsourcing our services.

Looking For Other Services?

With the increasing demand for developing NFT games, explore our additional first-class services for cutting-edge solutions to your business’s needs and fast turnaround times.


Robust Engagement models to Hire HTML5 Game Developers

We have devised three flexible hiring models that help you to outsource our HTML5 services quickly and easily.

Dedicated Team

This model suits clients whose project scope is large and clearly defined. You can develop 2D games or 3D games and only pay for the work done on a strict timeline basis.

Fixed-price Model

Hire a game developer through a fixed-price model that works on a limited budget and evolving conditions. You have weekly status calls to approve game designs and releases.

On-Time and Material Model

You can choose this model if you have dynamic project requirements with wavering timelines. Here, we bill you for hours worked.


Our HTML5 Game Development Company Projects

With competent developers and a robust portfolio of high-quality games, The NineHertz has established itself to provide premier Game Development Services. Scroll through our portfolio and make apps to hook your audience.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help/assist you throughout to find answers to all your queries. Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the services that we offer. For more assistance, you may directly contact us through our contact us page and get an immediate solution.

Is HTML5 good for game development?

Yes, HTML5 is good for game development as it offers several cutting-edge features, including unified support for the most popular web browsers, 2D and 3D graphics, audio APIs, offline asset storage, and more. HTML5 is also preferred by web developers and game development studios alike.

How Much Does HTML5 Game Development Cost?

The cost of outsourcing HTML5 game services starts anywhere $25,000 to $30,000 for a single platform with basic functionality and Game with all the advanced features will cost up to $250,000 with support for multiple platforms, it may

How to Create an Html5 Game?

Before creating any HTML 5 game you must take care of few things that is listed below:

  • Defining Goals
  • Set-up an HTML5 file with a canvas
  • Handling User Interaction
  • Animate objects and use easings
  • Graphics & Sprite Sheets
  • Control game objects with user input

The HTML5 Game Development Process has a few stages to create browser games, let’s take a look at it.

  • Requirement Gathering

    The consultation meeting incorporates listening to the client’s requirements and gathering details to formulate a potential future game idea.

  • Game Development

    The developers engage in extensive coding and tutorials to create animations, audio, graphics, search input, backgrounds, and more.

  • Game Design

    Building intriguing tales, characters, goals, and rules are all part of the design stage.

  • Game Delivery

    This stage demands the integration of all components, including the look, colors, music, search input, difficulty-level, and point-scoring system